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Names of Mary Laser Engraved Rolling Pin

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A way to help make liturgical living even more tasty and fun for families, this rolling pin features titles of Mary in different fonts. It's a perfect way to celebrate the Marian feast days.

This rolling pin measures 14 inches long including the handles and has an 8 inch rolling surface. The design measures 7 inches across. The pin has a diameter of 1.75". After being laser engraved, the pin is treated with food-grade mineral oil. 

The embossing pin was designed for use with a shortbread dough. 

Each rolling pin order comes with our favorite tried and true shortbread cookie recipe card with instructions. The recipe is a family recipe passed on from my Auntie Mary. 

For the best cookie impressions, it is not recommended to use very soft doughs or doughs with any leavening agent. Store bought doughs are not ideal because of the softness of the dough and the amount of spreading.

Practice makes perfect! In our kitchen, we roll the dough with our marble rolling pin with 3/8" dough guides and then switch the dough guides to 1/4" to finish with the embossing pin. Dusting the surface of the dough with a light dusting of flour and dusting the pin will help prevent dough from sticking in the lettering. Sticking is a combination of temperature and pressure. 

As with all wood rolling pins, don't submerge the pins in water. To clean, simply rinse the pin and immediately dry it. If dough needs to be cleaned from the pin, use hot water and a brush to remove the dough-- don't soak it!

For your success, each design has been tested in our own kitchen! For tips, decorating ideas, and questions, stop by the Salem Studio blog or Instagram!

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