Necklace: Saint Veronica Stainless Steel with Glass Beads

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This boho necklace is a fun, young and modern piece of religious jewelry. It is a unique piece that features original art of Saint Veronica. The original sketch was done in pencil and then transferred to linoleum. After carving, it was printed and digitized. The digitized print was rendered into a 3D file. The resulting pendant is a unique and modern interpretation of the image of Saint Veronica holding the image of Christ.

The pendant features an outline of Saint Veronica from an original design that has been 3D printed in stainless steel. The finish on the necklace is a matte bronze. The pendant measures 1.75 inches (47 mm) including the hanging loop. It is approximately 1 inch (25 mm) wide. The chain is made of antique brass and each side of the pendant is linked to two round glass beads joined by a jump ring.

Saint veronica is on a drop that features a large green cylinder bead. The total drop measures 3 inches. The necklace closes with a large lobster clasp.

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