100% Beeswax Chrism-scented Candle Amber Glass Jar

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This candle was designed with a home altar in mind. During the pouring process, Chrism essential oil was added making the burning of each candle reminiscent of the Easter Vigil or baptism. Each candle was hand-poured with 100% local beeswax.

 No two candles are alike and may have blemishes, as with any handmade item.

Each candle has approximately 8 ounces of wax and in the jar weighs approximately 13 ounces and measures 3" wide and 3" tall.

Basic candle care should be used with these candles.

-As beeswax candles age, they develop a bloom. This is perfectly normal.

-Trim the wick to 1/4" before burning and keep the wick trimmed.

-Beeswax candles should be allowed to burn for an hour per inch of diameter to prevent tunneling.

-Never leave a lit candle unattended and never burn a candle near anything flammable: bedding, curtains, paper, etc.

-Candles should be burned on a plate, trivet or candle holder: anything level and heat-resistant.