Blessing of Bread Cutting Board

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A perfect serving board for hors d'oeuvre, charcuterie or a wall hanging, it serves as a subtle reminder of our faith and the blessings we've received while dining with friends and family.

This small cutting board is made of natural wood and engraved with the blessing for bread from the 1962 Roman Ritual with an image of a baguette.

The board reads:

Lord Jesus Christ, bread of angels, true bread of everlasting life, be pleased to bless this bread, as you once blessed the five loaves in the wilderness, so that all who eat of it may derive health in body and soul. 

The cutting board measures 13" (including the handle) by 5.5" and 3/4". 

Each board is seasoned overnight with food grade mineral oil followed by Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner and then hand-buffed. The nature of wood means each cutting board will vary in the grain patterns and color as well as the depth of engraving. 


Cutting Board Care:

All cutting boards, especially wood, should be sanitized after cutting raw meat.

Wood cutting boards should not be immersed in water or placed in the dishwasher: hand wash only.

To renew the finish and heal any knife marks, season the cutting board with food-grade mineral oil or other butcher block conditioner. We love Howard's Butcher Block conditioner.