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A way to help make liturgical living even more tasty and fun for families, these cookie cutters were designed from original art work. The cookies feature the Holy Family: the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and the Infant Jesus. The Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph are on bended knee in adoration of the Infant Jesus, swaddled in a manger of hay.

The cookie cutter comes as a six-piece set: an outline cutter for each member of the Holy Family and the three accompanying impressions. The outline of the Blessed Mother measures 4 inches in height and 2 inches in width. The outline of Saint Joseph measures 4.25 inches in height and 2 inches in width. The outline of the Infant Jesus measures 2 inches in height and 4 inches in width.

These cutters can be used on their own to celebrate Christmas or can be used with the other cutters featured in my shop to complete the Nativity scene: a shepherd and sheep set, Donkey, Ox and Goat set, an angel and star set, and an Epiphany set of the three Magi and a camel. The whole scene would make a complete gingerbread nativity for Christmas!

The cutters are designed to allow for decorating that is as simple or elaborate as the user desires: just served plain, dough tinted with food coloring, a coating of sanding sugar pre-bake, a simple swipe of edible luster dust, or full royal icing for the truly talented cookie bakers. Color diagrams are provided in the listing photos for ease of decorating.

Made from food-safe FDA approved high-heat PLA! A limited number are printed in inventory and more will be printed on-demand. This means the color PLA you receive may not be the same as is pictured-- the stock of PLA that we keep varies in color. Even if the color varies, the type of plastic will not. You will receive food contact approved PLA.

Though the plastic is high-heat, it is not advised to expose the cutters to high temperatures-- warping may occur.

Each cutter order comes with our favorite tried and true sugar cookie recipe card with instructions. Step-by-step instructions with photos can be found on the Salem Studio blog linked in the About Section of the shop.

For the best cookie impressions, it is not recommended to use very soft doughs or doughs with large amounts of leavening agent. Store bought doughs are not ideal because of the softness of the dough and the amount of spreading.

Practice makes perfect! Sticking is a combination of temperature, pressure and the amount of powdered sugar used to roll out the dough. Cold, cold, cold dough rolled to 1/4" with a generous amount of powdered sugar and pressed with enough force to leave an impression but not deeper than half the dough-depth yields consistent and reliable results.

For your success, each design has been tested in our own kitchen! For tips, decorating ideas, and questions, stop by the Salem Studio blog or Instagram!

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